‘Experiences’ are the new luxury says Silversea boss

What’s more appealing: a new Tag Heuer watch or a luxury cruise vacation? According to the latest trends, buying ‘experiences’ is the new luxury. Delivering those experiences is something ultra-luxury cruise line Silversea specialise in.

Today the Silversea CEO, Roberto Martinoli, told the peak industry CLIA gathering in Sydney that Silversea continually strive to give their guests unforgettable luxury cruise memories. “It’s all about the experience”, he said.

Roberto Martinoli, CEO of Silversea.

Roberto Martinoli, CEO of Silversea.

Bain & Company recently did an interesting survey into the buying habits of the well heeled. They discovered that spending on luxury goods had declined 8%, while spending on luxury experiences like travel had grown by double-digits. This presents a remarkable opportunity for luxury cruise lines like Silversea.

Indeed, the luxury cruise market is expected to double in the next five years. Commenting on these statistics Martinoli said, “The fact that you’re able to leave people with memorable experiences is the magic that’s enabled the industry to grow”.

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So what is it that Silversea do to consistently deliver that magic and those memorable experiences? They have to deliver the right kind of experience, and luxury is a very important part of that said Martinoli. “The thing that impresses [our guests] the most is the environment we generate on board, our fantastic crew and our service. That’s why experience is important”.

Every suite has it's own butler on Silversea.

Every suite has it’s own butler on Silversea.

Silversea are mid-way through a massive fleet-wide upgrade program designed to enhance that on board experience. Every ship in the fleet will be fitted in the style and decor that can be seen on the acclaimed new Silver Muse.

Refitted Silver Whisper ready to sail

Silver Muse virtual tour

Martinoli also says giving guests the opportunity to tick places off their bucket list is important too. “Silversea visit more than 900 destinations each year – all seven continents and all seven seas. The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth so we have the luxury of being able to access more than 70% of our planet. It’s a great way of giving people those memorable experiences.”

Asked if smaller ships were the future of cruising, the Silversea boss said the company didn’t envisage bigger ships. “We are keen on keeping ships that are smaller”, he commented.

Smaller ships, an ultra-luxurious on board experience and outstanding destinations are the hallmark of Silversea. If buying experiences is indeed the new luxury then they appear well placed to satisfy the desires of the world’s luxury travellers.





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