Discover the rarest pearls with Silversea

Now you can explore the worlds most rarely visited and idyllic locations while lapping up luxury with an exclusive new series of expeditions from Silversea. Silversea Cruises today unveil its latest collection of voyages which they are calling The Rarest Pearls.

These pearls are nine unique expedition voyages sailing aboard the recently refurbished Silver Discoverer:

  1. Maldives & Southern India – 11 days amid stunning archipelagos and intriguing cultures.
  2. Ancient Siam & Indochina – 14 days discovering the ancient empires and spectacular destinations of Asia.
  3. Vietnam & Hidden China – 13 days culminating in a spectacular arrival in awe inspiring Hong Kong.
  4. Japan Southwest Island & The Philippines – 10 days of colourful and indescribable ancient tradition.
  5. Japan & The Philippines – 13 days floating through a fascinating world of history, wildlife and stunning seasonal beauty.
  6. The Philippines – 13 days of lush sun drenched islands.
  7. Papua New Guinea – 15 days exploring picturesque villages, clear lagoons, coral reefs.
  8. Solomon Islands and Vanuatu – 10 days discovering stunning lagoons and hundreds of uninhabited islands by Zodiac.
  9. The Coral Sea – 15 days encountering uninhabited atolls and the incredible reef system in the Coral Sea.

The Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

Silversea Expeditions are among the most highly regarded voyages of discovery. They cater largely to well-travelled guests who want to experience unique cultures and destinations rarely visited by others.

Unique Melanesian cultures await.

Unique Melanesian cultures await.

The extraordinary Rarest Pearls voyages have been carefully curated by the lines Expedition Team. They offer incredible itineraries that go far beyond a typical cruise, with increasingly remote, immersive, awe inspiring and adventurous experiences.

Discover rarely visited South Pacific islands.

Discover rarely visited South Pacific islands.

Silversea Expeditions pride themselves on giving their guests experiences that are completely beyond all expectations. Conrad Combrink, Senior Vice President of Expedition & Experience Product Development at Silversea believes it’s often the most well-travelled guests who really understand how rewarding it can be to discover a new part of the world.

‘Experiences’ are the new luxury says Silversea boss

Port profile: Hong Kong (SAR), China

“My team and I have researched the most authentic cultural experiences and fascinating historical sites.  We have sought the wonders of man and nature and scouted the most idyllic, unspoiled beauty spots”, said Combrink. “Leaving the tourist trail far behind, these nine unique voyages have been carefully curated to provide our guests with the rarest pearls the world has to offer.”

For more information visit the Silversea website.

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